3D printer extruder

Laser-cut Cardboard Lampshade

Cut this attractive lampshade designed by tekSPACY maker Sarah out of corrugated cardboard. Combine with a Sekond cord set from Ikea and an LED globe to complete a hanging lamp.


  • Get clean and stiff corrugated cardboard. Don’t be afraid to go Dumpster Diving for this!
  • Laser cut 1 set of the lampshade supports at low power; get the design file here.
  • Laser cut 10 sets of 4 ribs, for a total of 40 ribs. Download the design here.
  • Be alert when laser cutting cardboard as it may catch fire if the laser is set incorrectly.
  • Assemble the lampshade by matching up the slots in the supports with the slots in the ribs.
  • Apply a dab of wood glue to the joins for extra security. Allow time to dry.
  • Remove the large retainer nut on the Ikea Sekond lamp cord, in insert into the top of the lamp.
  • Re-insert and tighten the retainer nut.
  • Insert LED globe. The lamp is now ready for installation.